From the recording Reinando


To let go
And keep quite
Aren't one
It was all a mistake
Seem like he could get you back in 1 day
If I could, never crossed my mind
Didn't have it coming
Thinking was incognitive to myself
Except you,
So careless about it
Who would've imagined
X8 Say, Rey's shorty look hot
Now a Baby, the topic is a baby
Don't bother explaining
Nothing is impossible to this world
In my God, Jesus' sepulcher
They already knows it
Had to cross my legs while reading this bullshit
some Perry
What's Necessary
What you trying to scare me
Even though it looks like it i aint ready
Too young
This' just begun
And we ain't even married
Chorus but say Rey's shorty look hot
I like your height,
I like your weight
Im feeling yo type
Im feeling that face
The tip of the ice berg looks closer
Gotta perfect storm before us
To make it through ignore it
Stand tall and press forth in front of anything that comes in our course
with or without you Im sprung
I know that you open off of my song
Is it that my words are basically bones
Sound to the beat is sexy and grown
Feels like in the club when heard through headphones
Floor flooded with people all over the zone