1. Come & Get Me

From the recording Razzmatazz


So you coming home easy huh
picking up the phone on the first tone
Without asking if wifey’s at home
Coming through the door with a patron
Brown bag full of grease from the calzone
Parking at the hydrant,
showing off the thighs and loving me to death when I’m in the zone
Cause I guess right you like to bone
Is ok every now and then come & get me be my lady
Knowing when I hit it from the back get you sexy
Ching Ching big Rey Rey letting out the clouds till the sky’s all grey
I been on the scene since my age was 8
Never looked back big money been the pay for me
Let’s see did I make it understood?
I got your right back in my doorstep hush
Keep it down times of before are different then now
Songs that I make climb billboard mounts
All average Mc’s change their routes
Imma be around till the clock stops and sun lights out
Call me the rise of the down south
If she like child fit her up with my style
Long braids, tight jeans, around the waist firm booty

Hater thinking I’m a trip
Cause I came with some waves that’s sea sick
Bringing it home as often as it tip
Give me what I want what I want is you to
Come & Get Me
I don’t want anymore time to wasting
While I’m making money then you wanna see them racing
Come & get me
Yeah I say it again you wanna be in the game
You wanna be in the fame
And let paparazzi see you
Come & get me
What’s the big deal everybody want real
It won’t change the fact that you still
Come & get me

She wanna come through wanna come soon
Leave messages till my inbox full
Dial 9-11 stalk me too
See where I’m at off CPU
Email episodes of how she do
Like every status on my Facebook
Retweet retweets follow my followers
And follow who I follow cause she took one swallow
And the people who I work with say the same shit
Seen the same chick In New York & Vegas
Nothing but at least 3 guards when I’m out
Peep through the shades yes or no?
Likely to bout,
if she’s not there? short from a doubt
See the zone clear? I’m coming around
It’s either that
or I’m wearing something people guess i don’t know where I’m at
I don't know where I'm at
See her on the hallway then I be right back
Shorty looking lioness not a hoodrat
I’m a good catch so with time imma get that wrist watch
Marching to make her come & get me and start it
Put the margin a little closer than eyes is
Minajing if you got a companion (who wouldn’t do the same?)


Change my numbers block this person from calling
Place protection orders shop online sleep with one eye open
We can take a pic to stay in touch
But that’s about it cause I’m in a rush
If you wanna give me more than enough
Only place I wanna see that ass move is in the club
Then is hammer time fuck ramadan
Cause I’m gonna eat more than a buffet line
You either make it or you don’t when is game time
I got a fetish to invite hoes in my ride
That like my sweet face be in they place
Agree with the rules obey
Top down use Vichy solei
Make big bucks like warren buffet
Say you won’t like it rich and wealth Inheritance health
And is all for yourself
And you got a pretty dude just like myself
Making everybody he meets with just melt
If anything don’t tell, wish me well
Give me that progress feel
Dolce Gabbana, Chanel
we are how we smell